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Welcome to my Website. On this site I will try to explain all about myself and the work I perform on Wiltshire Council.

Who am I?

Ernie Clark First and foremost I am your INDEPENDENT councillor for Hilperton Division. I am married with three children, and have lived in Hilperton since 1992.

I was elected to West Wiltshire District Council in May 2003 and to Wiltshire County Council in February 2008. These councils 'merged', with three others to form Wiltshire Council on 1st April 2009. I was elected to the new council on 4th June 2009.

I have been an Hilperton Parish Councillor since 1995, I have served as Chairman since 1999.

If I had taken up the offer to stand for one of the political parties I would have looked forward to plenty of help and party funded finances. However, standing as an Independent, I have a small number of helpers and all my costs are met from my own pocket.

Being an Independent councillor does not mean that I do not have political views, simply that I do not believe that national concerns translate well to local issues.

Why am I an Independent?

It is my belief that no party has a monopoly of good ideas and that local government depends on people of goodwill, people who listen to advice, argue and debate, are capable of arriving at sensible decisions on their merits for the good of the community, and are not driven by an higher party allegiance.

Decisions should certainly not be made in advance at closed political group meetings. I serve the people of Hilperton Division without being restricted by party politics. At present there are over 2,000 other Independent councillors in England & Wales who carry on the tradition of open and accountable local government.

Following the 2009 unitary election in Wiltshire, approximately 10% of the council are independent councillors.

Too often the party politicians support schemes for which they can claim credit, rather than paying attention to the mundane chores like street lighting, rubbish collection and road sweeping that matter to most people.

My position on the council

In addition to representing the residents of Hilperton Division, I sit on the Western Area Planning Committee (which considers 'contentious' local planning applications), the Constitution Focus Group, he Health Select Committee, and the Trowbridge Area Board (which I chaired from 2009 to 2011).

I am the leader of the Independent Group of councillors at County Hall and also a member of the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority.

I am a substitute member for the following at Wiltshire Council: Strategic Planning Committee, Eastern Area Planning Committee, Northern Area Planning Committee, Southern Area Planning Committee, Licensing Committee, Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, Staffing Policy Committee, Standards Committee, and the Wiltshire Police and Crime Panel.

Which geographical areas do I represent?

The area covered by Hilperton Division is the civil parish of Hilperton. That's to say Hilperton village; Whaddon; Paxcroft Mead north of Hilperton Drive; Hackett Place (The Mead school, the community centre, the flats and the shops); Painters Mead, Gibbs Leaze, Faverole Way, Castley Road and Fairwood Close. Additionally, a few houses in Halfway Close, Hilperton Road, Montague Court, Moyle Park and Walmesley Chase fall within this Division.

Please remember. If you have a problem, I am here to help