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Thursday June 30, 2005 Hilperton Post Office.

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Mixed noises are coming from the Post Office Network people.
Mr. Mylchreest had a mixture of good and bad news for the fight to save our post office service.

At one point he stated that he would "look again at the situation of Hilperton Post Office" and those of us present presumed that he meant the ridiculous situation whereby it is classed as an urban office. Later, he was asked to clarify this, and his response was that he would get his team to "look to see if a branch is warranted at this location".

He was adamant that the classing of the office as urban is correct, and it it this mis-conception that needs changing.

One glimmer of hope is the fact that he stated that it IS worth contacting Julia Marwood at the National Consultation Team (see earlier posting on this site) so please, if you haven't already done so, write to her NOW urging her to investigate this nonsense.