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Monday July 11, 2005 The view of a Staverton resident.

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Q. How many other people share this view? A. Lots.
"I have recently seen a document from Wiltshire County Council. If I am understanding it correctly (and I sincerely hope in the name of sanity I am not) it is saying:-

1) Now the Hilperton Gap road has been accepted, it will relieve a pressure point in Hilperton village and therefore relieve traffic on Marsh Road, Hilperton. EXCELLENT !

2) Another benefit will be to relieve traffic on Wyke Road. EXCELLENT !

3) The traffic will increase on Canal Road. WHAT A SURPRISE, and WHERE WILL IT GO.......STAVERTON !

4) Not to worry, this apparently will be a good thing as the restriction at Staverton bridge is just what the planners want, this will act as a natural deterrent. "Travellers will seek alternative routes and or modify their journey times to adapt to this restraint" !

Is it me? Or has no one noticed that this "policy" of a restraint to deter travellers does not work? WHY WERE THE RESIDENTS OF HILPERTON KEEN TO GET A BY-PASS? Because the inconvenience in road restrictions do not work.

Further, to suggest that the traffic flow will not increase up to 2011 begs a serious look into the criteria of the traffic census and population projections. Did it take into consideration all the new houses to be built off the new Hilperton Gap road?, the new houses on the Marina?, the supposed developments in the centre of Trowbridge?, the fact that the new road improvements at Semington will attract more transit traffic?

I am disgusted that I have to pay taxes and rates to such a bungling, no forethought organisation as this. How many of them actually live on this planet?

I sincerely hope this e-mail finds it's way to Mr Batten and his team of excuse writers, also to Sarah Content (unfortunately I have neither of the addresses.)"