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Wednesday July 20, 2005 Special WWDC meeting decision.

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WWDC reached a decision on the PFI scheme last night.
Under PFI the government provides most of the capital funding for the project, but we, the council tax payers, have to pay £195,000 (index linked) a year for the next 30 years; a total of about £6,000,000. This equates to about 4% on our council tax bill.

As part of the deal the council also has to provide land for 100 homes at nil cost (estimated 'open market' value £5,000,000) and most of this land is in the form of much needed car parks.

The project obviously does not have overwhelming support from councillors, and I would be most interested to receive public feedback on this scheme as, to date, the new administration at WWDC has not seen fit to consult the council tax payers of West Wiltshire, who will actually pick up the tab for this project.