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Tuesday September 06, 2005 WWDC councillor calls for PCT board to go.

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The Tory group leader Graham Payne wants a mass resignation.
The first part of this is a straight forward statement of the obvious.

However, the second part, in calling for the resignation of the board, could be construed as a rather typically opportunistic 'political party' reaction.

The board is obviously in an hopeless position but, rather than sacking them, would we be better off by looking to work with them to get through the current funding crisis? If they do all resign where will that leave us?

I keep stating that I don't agree with party politics getting involved in local government but, on this occassion, I can't help but recall the fact that it was a Conservative government which started the underfunding of the NHS. That same government also lumbered the public with, amongst others, the 'PCT quango' that operates without any real democratic control.

However, to balance things out, I guess that we should remember that Labour has been in power for long enough to change things (if they wanted to) and the current government keeps telling us how they have improved funding to the NHS.

So, which is it? Is our local PCT a bunch of wasters, has there not been an improvement in funding, or is there another reason for this crisis? Hopefully, we will find out at the WWDC meeting when the PCT chief executive will address councillors. Let's hope that she doesn't have to 'cry off' at the last moment!

Having said my piece about the two major parties I guess that, in the interests of political neutrality, I should comment on the Lib Dems too. The new Lib Dem administration at WWDC seems to have discussed many topics but, other than deciding to 'defer for further consideration', they don't seem to have actually done anything during the last four months (or even reached an accord amongst themselves and their 'gang of five' supporters). Do they intend to keep quiet on the PCT problems in the hope that they (the problems that is) will simply fade away?