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Monday September 12, 2005 Latest Hilperton relief road news.

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The ongoing saga, has taken yet another twist.
The planning application for this development was approved by the WWDC planning committee in July, but it had to be referred to the Government Office for the South West (GOSW) because it will contravene the 'green field' directive i.e. it will utilise a large mass of land which is currently fields.

GOSW have now issued a holding directive to WWDC which prevents the council from deciding this application. This is due to the fact that GOSW is currently considering whether this application raises issues that warrant intervention by the First Secretary of State. This delay will obviously have an effect on the Gap Road, as it will push any start date back.

Furthermore, the actual planning consent for the Gap road has still not been issued as the section 106 agreement has not been signed. WWDC officers are currently trying to insert a condition that, if the road is started, then it must be completed. This is due to the expected economic climate in the future, and the fact that Persimmon might not complete the East of Trowbridge development if the housing market continues to show signs of imminent collapse.

An half built road would be the nightmare scenario for everyone, so it will be interesting to see what response is forthcoming from Persimmon.