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Sunday October 02, 2005 Staverton planning decision 'called in'.

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The recent decision regarding Staverton Triangle could be overturned.
'Staverton Triangle' is one of several sites which could be de-allocated for residential use in the county Structure Plan 2016. At the planning meeting I proposed refusal of planning permission for that reason, but my proposal was heavily defeated; in a recorded vote Trevor was one of the many that couldn't see a problem with building there.

Since then the Government Office for the South West (GOSW) has directed that WWDC cannot grant permission without specific authorization. This will enable the Deputy Prime Minister to consider whether to 'call in' the application for determination under his powers.

Whilst I welcome this intervention on the grounds of consistency, the decision reached by the planning committee could end up as an expensive error. This is due to the fact that, as I understand the law, WWDC could finish up with a large bill. This is due to the fact that, having voted to permit the development, WWDC could be liable for the difference in land value between 'residential' and 'agricultural' rates.

Should this come about, I presume that Cllr. Oakman and myself (the only two supporters of refusal) will be in no danger of finding ourselves sur-charged !!