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Thursday October 06, 2005 Devizes Road speeding.

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Figures are now available from the speed camera partnership.
Under the Freedom of Information Act, I contacted the Wiltshire and Swindon Road Safety Partnership for details of their findings.

In response I have received 532 A4 pages showing over 29,000 vehicle movements!! Taking a random sample of the figures it would seem that most people ignore the 20mph limit but, surprisingly, these people DON'T excedd 30mph. Personally, I would have said that vehicles travel much faster than this, but then the 'strips' were placed near parked cars and were easily visible to approaching motorists.

If anybody cares to borrow the papers they are more than welcome to. The data is quite comprehensive showing such things as date, time, speed, direction, time since last vehicle, number of axles etc. and, in its own way, is actually quite an interesting 'read'.