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Friday October 07, 2005 WWDC 06 October planning meeting decisions.

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Two Paxcroft Mead applications were decided last night.
The first application debated was that for the public house (05/01709). This was the THIRD time that an application had been submitted; the previous two are both subject to appeal for refusal and non-determination.

As one of the local members I was invited to speak first and concluded my presentation by proposing refusal on the same grounds as previously (namely lack of parking and the loss of the land allocated for medical facilities). I also pointed out that Marshgate had not complied with the requirement of the extant Section 106 agreement which states that "Marshgate shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure the establishment of a medicsl practice ...."

As the preservation of a site for medical facilities is wanted by 97% of the people I have contacted, I asked for a 'recorded vote' so that the public can assess the views of councillors. Those in favour of refusal were myself and councillors Phillips, Manassah, Newbury, Oakman and Rosier. Those against refusing permission were Trevor Carbin together with councillors Burnan, Knight and Osborn.

Under the strict rules which govern the conduct of the planning committee, Trevor and I never discuss (before the vote is taken) either our views or how we may vote, and I was unable to catch him at the end of the meeting to find out why his view seems to have changed - I'm sure that if you 'phone or e-mail him he will be more than happy to enlighten you.

The other Paxcroft item was for 3 Faverole Way (05/01762); this was granted planning permission in accordance with the WWDC officer recomendation.