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Saturday March 21, 2020 Fancy a different trip out over Easter?

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Try a drive/cycle/walk to Imber village. Remember not to get too close....

All military activity will be suspended for a few days this year.

If you want an outing with a difference, a trip over the Imber Ranges could be the answer.

Please note that the weather on Salisbury Plain in winter can become very unpleasant very quickly.

Many of you might notice that the number of days on which the MoD is allowing access to Imber this year has been significantly reduced.

The reason for this restriction is that visitors have been ignoring the instructions regarding trespassing in the restricted areas in Imber village.

There is a good reason why no access is allowed. Going into restricted areas puts the individual at risk of injury or even death as there can be unexploded ordnance in those areas. I cannot emphasise too greatly that if trespassing continues there is a good chance that the MoD will find it necessary to completely deny public access to Imber in the future. 

So, when you visit please keep to the public areas and tell anybody who is outside those areas why they should also keep clear. 

It is planned that the tarmac roads to Imber Village from Bratton, Gore Cross, Heytesbury and Warminster will be open from 18.00hrs on Thursday 9th April to 08.00hrs on Tuesday 14th April. 

Please note that this concession by the Ministry of Defence is subject to any urgent operational requirements which might mean access is denied for some or all of the period.

Please be aware that some of these roads are 'poor' tarmac and are not maintained to public road standards. They have some pot holes, so care needs to be taken. However, they are suitable for 'normal' cars and the trip is well worth making.

All other tracks, stone tracks, the Southern Range Road and Imber village remain closed (Out of Bounds) in accordance with the Bylaws.

Movement off of the 'opened' roads is forbidden and trespassers liable to prosecution.

There is, of course, a difference between the roads listed above, definitive legal rights of way (which you are entitled to use) and the 'permissive' rights of way listed above.

One final point. If you do venture onto the ranges DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING you may find laying about, it may kill or seriously injure you!!  You can get more information on how to kill or maim yourself via the Salisbury Plain Training Area newsletter.

St Giles Church in the heart of the village will NOT be open to visitors.  For details please visit

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation has published a new leaflet regarding your safety when visiting Imber. I recommend that you read the information in it before visiting Imber. You can find the leaflet in .pdf format by going to clicking on the "Any Questions?" tab in the left side menu and then at the top of the FAQs page. The leaflet will open in a new window.