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Wednesday September 20, 2017 The WC suggestions for Hilperton and the Gap.

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Below is a link to cut through the chaff.

Your comments on the draft DPD must be with WC by 5.00pm Friday.


The following link will help you cut through the hundreds of pages of the WC report which probably won’t interest you…..

Items 1k and 18 relate to Hilperton.

Please note that it is now too late to apply for VG status for any of the land tentatively allocated as the DPD is a trigger event. Of course, there are ‘un triggering events’ but they will be a while away should they ever happen.

I am aware of only one VG application being made and it has been formally accepted/registered by WC – it does not relate to any land west of the HRR.

Hilperton is not the only village aimed for pillage by WC, North Bradley and Southwick are targets too.