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Monday January 29, 2018 The loss of greenfield land.

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It is being built on a the fastest rate for 25 years.

England is losing an area of greenfield land the size of Glasgow every year.

An invstigation by The Times has shown that, on average, 170 sq km of greenfield land were built on every year from 2013 to 2016.

From 1989 to 2011 most developments were on brownfield land.  From 2013-16 the pendulum swung the other way with greenfield sites supplying 54 per cent of the land.

Hopefully the Hilperton Neighbourhood Development Plan can protect most, if not all, of the Gap but I continue to be astonished that no one has made any attempt to register the eastern part of the Gap (with the exception of Churchfield) as a village green.

Time and time again I have urged that a resident needs to step upto the plate, but it seems that everyone is prepared to leave it to someone else - but that someone else is not coming forward.

The Hilperton Marsh area has some 2,500 residents - surely someone who uses the Gap wants to actually do something!