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Thursday April 12, 2018 Jane Scott to lose control of the Tories?

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Her leadership is under threat from an ex Cabinet member.

Jane Scott’s leadership of the WC Conservative group is under threat from a former member of her cabinet.

Stuart Wheeler has e-mailed colleagues advising that he intends to challenge Baroness Scott at a group meeting next week.

He hints at growing discontent with her controlling leadership style and how it will play out at the next elections.

Recently, Jane sent her deputy, John Thomson, to Salisbury who said she was too ill to go, only for it to emerge that she had attended the House of Lords on three occasions, allowing her to claim her attendance allowance of £300 a day.

Cllr. Wheeler was sacked by Jane from his job as cabinet member for Heritage and Arts after the election last year.

In a leaked email to Conservative councillors, he states that he is “concerned about a growing disengagement between the Conservative leadership and the rest of the group” and adds “Decisions on policy appear to be decided in advance and then presented to members as a fait accompli.”


Well, all the Independent, Lib Dem, and Labour councillors have always thought/said that this was how WC operates - it would seem that we were correct!!  If you are not on the Cabinet your opinion counts for nothing....