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Saturday September 08, 2018 My September e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

Only the one topic for my news this month!!

The Hilperton Neighbourhood Development Plan (HNDP) continues its path to referendum and that will be the next step.

The revisions to the plan have now been looked at by Wiltshire Council (WC) and the amended draft sent to the Steering Group (SG) for the alterations to be made.

WC has issued its Decision Statement stating that ‘Having considered the examiner’s recommendations and reasons for them, the Council concurs with the examiner’s view and have (sic) decided to make modifications to the draft Hilperton Neighbourhood Development Plan to ensure that it meets legal requirements including the Basic Conditions as set out in legislation. The Council is satisfied that the Neighbourhood Plan, as modified, complies with the legal requirements and can proceed to referendum.’

All being well, the referendum will take place late September/early October.

The consultant considers a number of the recommendations to be spurious, and in fact clearly in error, but the only thing that really counts is that the plan got through with its policies unscathed (many plans have policies deleted).

The HNDP is not as ‘firm’ regarding some parts of the parish as many members of the SG, including me, would have liked but the consultant was VERY firm in his advice and it would seem that his advice was worth listening to.

After less than three years, and a lot of hard work by the SG, the plan is on the home straight. When you consider that some plans take over six years to complete, this has been a great effort.