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Tuesday October 23, 2018 Hilperton Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Only ten days to go....

The referendum is on the 1st November.

Hopefully, nearly every resident will have had the parish council/steering group flyer by now.

If you need more information please contact either myself or the HNDP team via the parish council web site.

The HNDP is not perfect.  But what is in life especially where Wiltshire Council is concerned?

How you vote is obviously up to you and how you interprept the various policies.  For what it is worth, I would urge you to vote 'Yes'.

As I say, the Plan is not as robust as I would have liked but, without it, Hilperton will have only Wiltshire Council to rely on to prevent unsuitable development - and we all know what WC is hoping to achieve on the Trowbridge side of the Gap.  Wilthout the HNDP being adopted who is to say that WC will not change its policy towards the Hilperton side of the Gap too?