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Tuesday November 27, 2018 'Land at Wyke Road, Hilperton'.

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Wiltshire Council moves to protect its land.

Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 and Section 15A(1) of the Commons Act 2006.

On 23rd July, Wiltshire Council lodged an application under the above regulations.

WC asserts that it owns the land in the north west corner of the Gap (described in paragraph 4 of part A of the application form and shown edged red on the accompanying map) and that 'No ways over the land shown outline in red on the accompanying map have been dedicated as highways'.

This statement seems to refer to the footpaths which cross the land and is obviously to ease WC giving itself permission to build on the land.

If you have used the footpaths in the past I urge you to contact Sally Madgwick at Wiltshire Council AS A MATTER OF URGENCY.  If no one can prove historic use of the paths WC will have the right to block them off and to build over them if it so wishes.