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Thursday November 11, 2021 A poem for Armistice Day.

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Remember Me (The voice of the dead).

Remember me

Duty called and I went to war

Though I'd never fired a gun before

I paid the price for your new day

As all my dreams were blown away


Remember me

We all stood true as whistles blew

And faced the shells and stench of Hell

Now battle's done, there is no sound

Our bones decay beneath the ground

We cannot see, or smell, or hear

There is no death, or hope or fear


Remember me

Once we, like you, would laugh and talk

And run and walk and do the things that you all do

But now we lie in rows so neat

Beneath the soil, beneath your feet


Remember me

In mud and gore and the blood of war

We fought and fell and move no more

Remember me, I am not dead

I'm just a voice within your head.


Harry Riley