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Wednesday November 14, 2018 Traffic Speed Survey Result

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Leapgate, north of Cornbrash Rise

The results of the survey for Leapgate (40 mph) are as follows: ?

The survey was carried out between 19/09/2018 and 28/09/2018. ?

A total of 43021 vehicles were recorded. ?

The 85th percentile was 42.39mph (the 85th percentile is the speed at or below which 85% of the traffic is travelling). ?

The average speed was 37.9mph.


The thresholds for intervention in a 40mph speed limit are as follows:-

 40 mph to 46 mph    No further action

 46.1 mph to 49.9 mph    CommunitySpeed Watch

Over 50 mph    Police enforcement


Accordingly, there will be NO FURTHER ACTION taken for this site.