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Tuesday July 09, 2019 Hilperton Drive.

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idVerde admit their error.

Why has the grass on Hilperton Drive been cut?

As you head from the Fieldways roundabout, the grass on the left of the wooden 'fence' has been cut.  The grass to the right of the 'fence' should be cut, but that to the left (away from the road) should be uncut during the growing season.

idVerde have admtted their mistake in cutting it and assure me that it will now be left intouched until the final cut of the year.

The 'do not cut' request was made by Hilperton Parish Council several years ago.  If you are aware of an area that could benefit from not being cut every few weeks do let a parish councillor know. 

Uncut grass is a haven for all sorts of small wildlife but some people think it looks untidy.