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Friday August 23, 2019 A message from the police.

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Use the correct number....

"Dear residents,

With just a few weeks left of the school summer holidays, we are approaching the end of one of our busiest periods of demand on our 999 and 101 call handlers based here in Devizes.

We would like to continue to remind you of the importance of calling the right number, and the right agency, in your time of need. This is not only to reduce the demand on our ever-busy service, but also to ensure you receive the appropriate action quickly.

During the summer, we often see an increase in calls to both our 101 and 999 lines, and the majority of these calls will be for genuine emergencies or will require police assistance. However, we will often receive calls – especially via 999 – which are not emergencies and are simply blocking the lines for those in a life or death situation who urgently need our help.

Please remember, dial 999 if:

You need an immediate response because a crime is in progress or you think it is. 

You or someone else is injured or there is a threat to life.

A serious road traffic collision has taken place. 

Violence is being used or threatened.

Dial 101 when you need to speak to the police but your issue is less urgent.

Dial 101 if:

You want to report a crime/issue that does not require an immediate emergency response.

You or someone else are not in immediate danger. 

You would like to speak to your local police officer. 

You want to provide information about a crime.

For common issues such as fly tipping or noise complaints, call your local authority. If you are unsure who to contact, try the website which has a huge library of frequently asked questions.

I’d also like to remind you all that some crimes can now be reported online. Please visit the Wiltshire Police homepage at and click ‘report’.

Have a safe bank holiday weekend, and please rest assured, we are always here for you should you find yourself in a real emergency.

Thank you,

Superintendent Phil Staynings."