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Tuesday January 14, 2020 Trowbridge Town Council grant application...

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News Image the Trowbridge Area Board.

The request for £20,000 was deferred - again.

Amazingly, the six members of the Area Board who also sit on Trowbridge Town Council thought that they could discuss and vote on the TTC application!!

I pointed out that they could not, and uttered my surprise that none of them had applied for a dispensation from the WC Standards Committee to allow them to discuss/vote on the item.

There was a suggestion that the application should be withdrawn (especially as the town council sets its budget next week and so could easily cover the cost of the grant) but this was not agreed to.

No doubt the matter will come before Trowbridge Area Board, for a third time, in March.

I still think that a council asking for funds from the Area Board is wrong.  TTC should precept for the money - especially as it took the games area, and others, on from WC a while back and received a grant of £50,000 (I think) for doing so......