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Friday January 17, 2020 Trowbridge Birthing Unit to close.

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Is this really democracy?

Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group rejected the results of its own consultation!

The Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group promised to respect the results of the Maternity Transformation consultation.  But, when those results showed clearly that residents wanted to keep both the Trowbridge and Paulton Birthing Units open [62% - 1200 respondents out of 1800 replies], they moved the goalposts.

They ignored their own consultation process by involving an 'independent', anonymous, handpicked bunch of experts. The 'Independent' claim is seriously compromised by the fact one third of the 'experts' have links with Wiltshire CCG.  The groups anonymity is also troubling.

There is every indication of a massive democratic deficit in this process.

Maternity campaigner Andy Milroy stated “Recently the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group, elected by Wiltshire GPs, not the people of Wiltshire, became submerged in a larger group, dominated by Bath and Swindon. The first act of this new BSW CCG is to reduced health care in Wiltshire.”


This decision is both undemocratic and contemptuous of accountability.  Decisions on YOUR healthcare should be made by people that YOU can hold accountable - not a bunch of faceless health 'experts' who you might pass in the street without knowing who they are!!