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Saturday February 01, 2020 My February newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

Wiltshire Council has contacted the emergency authorities about the results of the Devizes Road survey. The police have no issue with the road being closed off, whilst responses are awaited from the fire & rescue, and the ambulance services.

The formal planning application for an extension to the facilities at Doric Park (the rugby club) were submitted by Trowbridge Town Council (TTC) just before Christmas. The Trowbridge area needs new sporting facilities but there are two matters where, to me, the application seems a little disappointing.

Firstly, the main building has a large flat roof, but only part of it has solar panels. Why not put as many as possible on the roof?

Secondly, how does TTC think people are going to get there? They have made no provision for additional buses and seem to accept that people are going to drive. Surely, having declared a climate emergency they can do better than that?

It would seem that one of the developers with an interest in the land on the Trowbridge side of Elizabeth Way is going to ‘test the water’ and see about submitting a planning application (not the HGT llp land). If it happens, it will be for the land behind Albert Road.

The area was not shown as possible development land in the most recent Local Plan, but it was ‘allocated’ in the Wiltshire Council HSAP a year or two back. As I write this, the Inspector hasn’t formally given his opinion on the HSAP in full, but he has commented on the ‘Gap’ land without any adverse comment against the HSAP. The use of the land was covered in the Neighbourhood Plan adopted in November 2018.

My guess is that all will become clear within the next few months….