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Saturday February 22, 2020 An interesting question from a town councillor.

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The following has been submitted to Wiltshire Council.

Just what is in the mind of Trowbridge Town Council?  Or, at least, its members?

I'm not sure whether the following question is 'real' or whether it is to 'stir things up'.  Whichever, it is worrying that at least one person could be on the 'Trowbridge Urban Council' route.

"Trowbridge Town Council has both a substantial debt with the Public Works Loan Board of £5.6 million (more than any other Town or Parish in the Country), and an annual cost for staff salaries, pension and NI of £1.7 million. The Trowbridge Town Council Precept in 2019/20 was set at £153.98 for a band D property, while neighbouring villages, like Hilperton have a Precept of only £14.28.

"The new approved housing developments in Trowbridge will regrettably remove much of the green space between our Town and Villages (Hilperton, Southwick, North Bradley and West Ashton). Therefore, as we are now all joining together and sharing services in becoming part of a larger district of Trowbridge, we should also share the cost and have a combined Trowbridge & District Precept of £124.49 (Band D). Please can the Cabinet Member confirm how this fairer funding principle can be achieved?"