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Saturday February 29, 2020 My March e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

By the time you read this, Wiltshire Council will have set the precept for 2020/21.

The meeting (on the 25th February) will also have considered the adoption of the Housing Site Allocations Plan which amends the District Plan to allow housing on the Trowbridge side of Elizabeth Way.

For the precept it is intended to increase the WC share by the maximum permitted amount (without a referendum). This is 2.99%. In addition, we will have to pay the Adult Social Care Levy, the police precept, the fire precept, and the parish council precept.

Interestingly, the police precept will be increased by £10 (a year) but the fire authority has been told by the government that it cannot have the same freedom. Elected Members and Officers of the fire authority have continued to lobby to increase the fire precept for Band D properties by a modest £5 per year or just 10p per week. However, the fire and rescue service was only given the opportunity to increase by 1.99% (£1.49).

The parish council has decided not to increase its precept (again), but those of you living under Trowbridge Town Council will see a huge jump of about 7% - your increase will be almost as much as a Hilperton resident pays in total to the PC. I hope you think that you get value for money, rather than a feeling of being ripped-off!!

Further to what I wrote last month, an exhibition will be held on the 4th March from 3.30 to 7.00pm at Hilperton Village Hall for comments on the Barratt Developments plan to build in the Gap (see above re the HSAP). It is open for everyone to attend.

Hopefully, everyone will highlight to Barratt that policy 1, sections ‘e’ to ‘h’ (especially section ‘g’) shown in the Neighbourhood Plan will be adhered to. The NP can be viewed via the parish council web site.