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Wednesday March 04, 2020 Changes to kerbside recycling collection service..

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..from 9 March.

WC is changing the recycling system in Wiltshire to make it even easier for people to use the kerbside recycling collection service.

The way in which recyclable materials are collected will change from 9 March 2020; from this date many households will also see their collection day change.

Letters are being sent to every household in Wiltshire informing them of their recycling collection day under the new system. The letters are being sent out now and should be delivered to all households by 6 March. Once residents have received their letters they can also go online and print off a bespoke collection calendar.

In summary, the changes are:

• In the blue lidded bin you can recycle: cans, tins, aerosols, paper, cardboard, cartons, foil, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

• In your black box you can recycle: glass bottles and jars and bagged, dry textiles

• The blue lidded bins and black boxes will be emptied fortnightly on the same day, using new recycling collection vehicles.

Recycling tips:

• Wash and squash all cans, tins, plastic and cartons where possible

• Bottles, jars, cans, cartons and aerosols should be empty; lids can be left on

• Flatten cardboard boxes to make more room in your bin If you think you may not have enough room in your blue lidded bin, please try squashing and flattening as much of your recycling as possible for the first few collections to see if this means you could manage.

Larger or additional blue lidded bins will not be delivered until residents have first tried the new service and demonstrated to themselves that, despite squashing and flattening materials, they need additional capacity. They can then request a larger or additional blue lidded bin via our website.