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Friday March 06, 2020 Trowbridge Town Council gets its £20,000...

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...of your money.

Trowbridge Area Board agrees grant request.

By four votes to one (with three abstentions) Trowbridge Town Council found itself better-off by £20k last night.

The grant request was to improve a 'play area' and it was, indeed, a very good scheme worthy of support - but, in my opinion, it should have been funded by the town council from its precept; not by funds from the Area Board.

Of the four people supporting the grant, three are 'dual hatted' town councillors whilst the fourth represents part of Trowbridge as a Wiltshire Councillor but does not sit on the town council.

It will be interesting to see what further grant requests come from the town council and parish coucils in light of this decision.  Why pay for something from your town/parish precept if you can get the area board to foot the bill?