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Wednesday April 01, 2020 My April e-newletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

These are certainly unprecedented times for modern life.

Both Wiltshire Council and Hilperton Parish Council are doing their best to keep things going and ensuring that everyone is safe.

The parish council is planning to (and should have done so by the time you read this) ensure that every house in the parish receives a ‘flyer’, guiding them to assistance. The parish council is not wanting to replicate the groups which have already commenced to do sterling work for our residents, but merely wishes to ensure that those who do not have internet access know that help is available to them. Many thanks to all those already helping the self-isolating or ‘at risk’ groups.

If you have anyone in your vicinity that you can help, please do get in touch with them.

People have enquired about the provision to hold committee meetings online. At the current time both WC and HPC are bound by legal requirements in the 1972 Local Government Act which require members to be physically present at public meetings in order to be able to vote and be part of the quorum. The provision for ‘remote attendance’ is something that many local councils are lobbying for in the Coronavirus Bill. This is not currently contained within the draft Bill; however, this may be subject to change. The current requirement is legislative, and not something either council has discretion over.

Only time will tell how long this unique situation will last but I hope that you all stay both well and safe.

If you are self-isolating for a lengthy period please remember to make sure your car battery doesn’t run down. About once a fortnight, a short local drive (if we are still allowed to) or just run the engine for ten minutes and move the car a few yards to change where the car reats on its tyres.

Also, it has not been possible to get the April edition of the Village News printed and distributed. But you can read it online via