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Saturday April 11, 2020 Covid-19

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Local cases/trends

At the time of writing, Wiltshire has 180 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

However, the actual number of cases is expected to be considerably higher than this.

In terms of NHS region, the South West has 2,277 confirmed cases of coronavirus. This means the South West has so far seen the lowest number of cases for any region in the UK. But this can change very quickly if we stop adhering to the isolation measures.

Nationally, the number of cases stands at 60,733 and sadly, 7,097 people have passed away with coronavirus.

Although rural areas are showing fewer cases at the moment compared with cities, scientists warn against complacency in rural areas. Regardless of where we live, we must follow the Government’s guidelines.

The Government has set up a live tracker for coronavirus cases that provides accurate numbers nationally and by local authority, in our case Wiltshire, which you can view here: