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Saturday May 02, 2020 My May e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire (and Hilperton Parish) Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

Well, here we all are in the fourth week of lockdown as I write this.

So far, I have not heard of any major ‘nonsocial distancing’ outbreaks in the parish and I think that speaks well of the way the people of Hilperton want to keep everyone safe. My congratulations to all!!

On that topic, I was really happy that the parish council, at our March meeting, decided that an ‘emergency’ shopping/prescription service should be established in the parish.

The PC met on a Tuesday, a working group of about six of us met on the Wednesday evening, the flyers were printed within two days, and they were nearly all delivered a day or two after that. Well done to everyone concerned. If you need assistance and have no one to help you, please contact either Cllr. Boreham on 07920 042838 or Cllr. Turner on 01225 766522.

The government has advised that parish councils’ will be exempt from holding their annual Parish Assembly and their Annual Meeting this year if they wish. These would normally have been held during May. The PC is looking at how it can hold virtual meetings now that the law has been changed to allow this to happen. April is not one of the statutory PC meetings and so no meeting happened last month.

As issues such as advising the public when, and how to view/join the meeting, have been resolved it is hoped that a May meeting of the PC will occur on-line.

I am advised by the leader of Wiltshire Council that Wiltshire still has plenty of hospital capacity and the emergency morgues have not been needed. WC is operating very well to serve those most badly affected by this crisis with the officers (employees) working very long hours and on more than five days a week.

These are strange times but, if we all behave in a sensible way, I am sure that things will soon get back to something resembling ‘normal’. In the meantime – STAY SAFE.