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Friday October 02, 2020 Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 ....

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.... Hilperton to Melksham via Semington.

Wiltshire Council has recently submitted a bid under the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 to allow delivery of a number of walking and cycling schemes. In advance of the bid result WC is taking the opportunity to share information and seek comment.

The delivery of the Hilperton - Melksham scheme will:

- Provide key cycling infrastructure and connection to a neighbouring town;

- Create an environment that is safer for both cycling and walking and promote active travel;

- Allow cycling to replace some journeys otherwise made by bus and rail, helping avoid overcrowding on public transport.

- Help deliver significant health, environmental and congestion benefits.

There is significant economic interaction between Trowbridge, Wiltshire’s county town, and its nearby neighbour Melksham. However, Melksham is not well connected to Trowbridge with limited rail services and no cycle facility.

The proposed scheme will deliver a strategic cycle link between the two towns that will be an alternative to driving and a viable option for bus users during the Covid recovery period and beyond. The proposal is for a permanent scheme that complements and is a continuation of the successful EATF Tranche 1 bid for cycle facilities alongside the A361 Hilperton Road, Trowbridge to Hilperton village.

The Tranche 2 bid links Hilperton to Melksham via the village of Semington which is located on a lightly trafficked route, formerly the A350, which benefits from a point closure installed following the construction of the Semington-Melksham Diversion. The scheme also involves a point road closure on Devizes Road, Hilperton and the upgrading of a traffic free byway, as well as improvements to the crossing facilities on the A350 to facilitate access to Melksham.

The proposed cycle facility will remove the need for existing cyclists to cycle on a busy derestricted section of the A361, promote safe active travel and provide a valuable public transport replacement scheme.

If you would like to make comment on the scheme identified above please do so by responding to