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Monday October 05, 2020 My October e-newsletter.

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What a difference a month makes.

As I wrote my September piece it seemed that a corner had been turned in the Covid battle. We now know better. The political group leaders at County Hall have regular briefings and it was mentioned a couple of weeks back that a second wave was expected and that there were likely to be other ‘spikes’ too. It is hard to know when this situation is going to improve.

The Non-Statutory Public Inquiry into village green status for ‘Church Field’ will have been held by the time you read this. I have no idea what the timescale will be for the Inspector to report his findings, but I hope it will be within a few weeks.

There has been no further news on the WC application for funding for an improved cycle link between Trowbridge and Melksham via Hilperton and Semington.

There would seem to be a number of new houses destined for the parish in the medium term. Developers have been doing some exploratory work on the far side of Elizabeth Way. They will each, I am sure, be submitting their formal planning applications over the next few months.

Also due to see new development is Church Farm. The previous permission has now lapsed as no work was commenced within the statutory timeframe. The agent acting for the new owner has asked if he may make a presentation at the next parish council meeting – this is planned for the 20th October either ‘in person’ or ‘virtual’. A decision on the format will be made in early October.