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Tuesday December 29, 2020 WC announces consultation dates...

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...for the new Local Plan.

Consultation will take place next year on the 'proposed' new Local Plan.

Running from 13th January to 9th March it will be vital for as many people as possible to respond.

East of Hilperton (between Devizes Road and the canal), WC is 'considering' approximately 2,100 dwellings that incorporates a mix of self and custom build plots, as well as specialist housing (delivery of 500 dwellings post-2036). Also planned are one 'two form entry' primary school, a 100 place nursery, and one '8 form entry' secondary school.

So, WC considers a 'new village' to the east of Hilperton to actually be part of the Trowbridge housing allocation despite that fact that it is away from the town, separated by the existing village!!!

Assuming that the 2021 WC elections take place there will hopefully be a new cabinet member for planning who will see just how crass the ideas coming from the spatial planning team at County Hall really are.....