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Monday January 04, 2021 Closure of Leap Gate.

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The Wiltshire Times seemed a little short of facts....

This is just to give a little background to the imminent closure of Leap Gate as reported in the Wiltshire Times over Christmas,

WC is not sure where the WT sourced their information but it certainly didn’t come from the council.

This road has not yet been adopted by the council and is still the responsibility of the developer who constructed it as part of the estate works.

As part of the adoption process Wiltshire Council identified a number of failings with the two drainage culverts under the road which if left unattended would lead to premature deterioration leading to failure and / or significant costs in the future to put right.

The current works are being undertaken by the developer at no cost to the council so that, when the two structures are adopted as public highway assets, WC can be confident that they are in the best possible condition and that any future maintenance does not place an undue burden on  resources.

As a matter of interest, Elizabeth Way has not been adopted by WC either.