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Saturday February 20, 2021 Part of my letter to residents re...

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...the draft Local Plan.


WC has decided to undertake a public consultation on where future housing in the county could be located. This includes the Trowbridge area.

Due to the current Covid lockdown I am not allowed to deliver any leaflets by hand; hence this letter which is being delivered to only approx. 100 houses.

The proposal for Hilperton could have a significant effect on land behind/close to your property. The consultation lasts until the 9th March.

The link to the consultation is or search ‘Wiltshire Council local plan consultation’ and that should take you to the home page.

If you then look under ‘Consultation content’, the items relating to Hilperton can be found by clicking on ‘Planning for Trowbridge’.

The parish council will be considering its response early in March, but I would urge everyone to respond to the consultation as an individual before the closing date.

There will be a formal public inquiry into the post-consultation plan and so, if WC does not remove the ‘Hilperton’ land from the document, there will be one more opportunity, at that stage, to get the plan re-drawn without the imposition of 2,000 houses on the village.