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Monday March 01, 2021 My March e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

‘Only’ two items this month.

Firstly, the Wiltshire Council consultation on their proposed new Local Plan.

The consultation will end on the 8th March.

The on-line public ‘meeting’ on the 27th January for the Trowbridge proposals was, as expected, a wash-out with WC choosing to answer only the ‘easy’ questions.

If you have not yet responded to WC please do so THIS WEEK. 

As I mentioned in my January e-newsletter, WC is still claiming that Trowbridge is a ‘Principal Settlement’ and yet most of the new housing is planned for east of Hilperton (which is classed separately as a ‘Large Village’) and Staverton.

Interestingly, WC refer to these areas as being ‘north’ and ‘north-east Trowbridge’. It now makes sense to me why, about ten years ago, WC wanted to remove the ‘Settlement Boundary’ around Hilperton. We defeated this idea but, so it would now seem, the WC planners were playing a very ‘long game’ as to what they had in mind….. I still fail to see how housing in the proposed area can realistically be claimed to ‘serve’ Trowbridge when it will be well outside the town boundary.

The second item is to let you know that the government has said that the WC, and parish, elections can go ahead on 6th May. Currently, it is forbidden for councillors to distribute any leaflets by hand but this ‘legislation’ will change on the 8th March – so expect to start getting some flyers through your letterbox later this month.