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Friday March 12, 2021 My letter to the Wiltshire Times.

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Amazingly, it was published.

Dear Sir,

Now that the consultation period for Wiltshire Council’s 2036 Local Plan has closed, could the council publicly explain one thing?

Why was this consultation undertaken during a period of Covid lockdown? Councillors were not supposed to leaflet or ‘door knock’ their residents, but to ‘Stay Home’ in line with the government recommendation. There could be no public meetings due to the lockdown restrictions and the fact that village halls were closed – again due to Covid. Other than individually writing to every house via Royal Mail (in my Division over 2,000 homes) what did WC expect its councillors to do? Not all residents choose to check the web site or receive e-newsletters from their councillor.

I understand that the ‘planning’ cabinet member is not standing for re-election to County Hall later this year. That being the case, would it be a good time to ‘seek the resignation’ of the senior spatial planners at Wiltshire Council in the hope that they could be replaced with officers who can take a more realistic view of the county and come up with better policies for the future of Wiltshire?

Yours faithfully,

Ernie Clark,

Wiltshire Councillor for Hilperton Division,

Independent Group leader, Wiltshire Council.