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Thursday April 01, 2021 My April e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Welcome to my April e-newsletter.

Early in March, the parish council sent its response to the Wiltshire Council Local Plan 2036. It ran to about six pages and covered all the aspects that we (the parish councillors) could think of.  My thanks to the many residents who responded to the consultation direct to WC. If you would like an electronic copy of the letter please contact me at  

The results of the consultation will not be known for several months and, unlike past consultations, there is no way for people to view the responses which were sent in. Most odd.

As I write this, there are five weeks to go until the four-yearly WC and parish council elections; polling day is the 6th May. If you want either a postal or proxy vote the applications have to be made by mid-April. More details are available at

With the current Covid situation, Wiltshire Council is hoping that as many people as possible will vote by post. If you go to the polling station, please remember to take your own pen or pencil!

If you are interested in standing for the parish council please get in touch with either myself or the parish clerk. The council is keen to get as wide a spread of members both by age and their location within the parish. I know that the parish council is keen to attract councillors in particular from Hilperton Marsh and Paxcroft Mead.