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Monday July 05, 2021 My July e-newsletter.

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Wiltshire Council news from Ernie Clark.

Your Independent councillor for Hilperton.

Welcome to my July e-newsletter.

For the recent WC cabinet meeting I submitted the following statement and questions. The possible allocation for 7,500 houses in the Chippenham area saw many statements etc. and I thought it important that the thoughts of Hilperton weren’t forgotten!


Hilperton Parish Council unanimously rejected Wiltshire Council’s draft 2036 Local Plan proposal for the Hilperton area. The reasons were a) excessive housing numbers and b) the proposed site allocation to the east of the existing village. The proposed allocation brings no benefit to local residents. On the contrary, it will add congestion, air pollution, strain on existing services, and destroy open space and footpaths. I believe that, prior to the May 21 election, it was stated that the additional 5,000 houses Wiltshire had voluntarily allocated, would be removed from Wiltshire’s housing target and the Local Plan would be adapted. Removal of these 5,000 ‘voluntary’ houses from the target would totally remove any need for the 2,000+ houses in Hilperton parish.

Question 1 – Can Wiltshire Council now confirm that the 5,000 ‘voluntary’ houses have been removed from the Local Plan?

Response: No decisions are being made at this meeting on policies for the draft Plan. As set out in the report (paragraph 5), once the draft Plan has been prepared it will be brought back to Cabinet and onto Council for approval before a further stage of consultation is undertaken. It is therefore too early to say what the housing requirement should be. Further work needs to be undertaken in response to the consultation on key parts of the evidence base including testing the upper and lower levels of housing need and spatial distribution of growth for the plan period.

Question 2 – Is the Cabinet aware of Hilperton Parish Council’s objection to the proposed housing numbers and site allocation for the parish?

Response: Yes.

If WC is going to give credence to the volume of questions etc, then that leaves Hilperton in a tricky position as 'we' have so few residents! Perhaps the cabinet member would like to hear from Hilperton residents? is his email address.....

The proposed cycle ‘path’ to Melksham is making progress. WC is now seeking your opinion as to whether it should use the existing by-ways or whether a new (lit) cycle path should be constructed alongside the A361. The survey can be downloaded from the WC web site. 

Hilperton had a good result in the first round of the Best Kept Village competition. The competition is organised by CPRE with sponsorship from Hills.

Hilperton has been awarded the 'Best kept large village - west Wiltshire' title. It now progresses to the second round when it will be judged against the other winning 'large' villages in the north, east, and south of the county. Judging will take place at any time upto the end of July, so please keep the village looking tidy and litter free.

Neighbourhood Watch has organised a series of webinars to help people avoid being scammed on-line. The first is due to be held this week and details/joining instructions can be found on my web site in the story posted on the 30th June.