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Tuesday July 12, 2022 Public RoW HILP54.

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This path crosses the 'cultivated' part of the Gap.

"Town and Country Planning Act 1990 s.257

The Proposed Diversion of Footpath Hilperton 54

Wiltshire Council are (sic) in receipt of an application to divert Footpath Hilperton 54 in relation to planning applications (sic) 20/09701/FUL approved with conditions on 30 June 2022, the application is for construction of up to 187 dwellings, means of access, landscaping, drainage, public open space and all other associated infrastructure,.

The proposal is to divert approximately 314 metres of the footpath from its current course shown on the attached plan with a bold continuous line leading to a new route shown with a bold dashed line.

The diverted path will be approximately 369 metres with a width of 2 metres and have a porous, self-binding aggregate surface.

If you would like to make any observations or representations regarding the proposals, I would be very grateful if you could reply to me via email, no later than Friday 5 August 2022. Kindest regards, Ali Please note that any responses to this letter will be available for public inspection in full.

Email: "

I cannot attach the plan but please email me at and I will send it on to you.  Basically, the developer wants to move the RoW to be 'alongside' Elizabeth Way so that they can build houses on the current path route.