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Saturday December 09, 2023 Devizes Road housing application PL/2022/07977.

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Further thoughts on the application.

The latest comment from Natural England seems quite damning.

On 29th November, Natural England wrote to WC saying "Bath & Bradford on Avon Bat SAC - Objection lack of information". 

The Decision Deadline Date is shown on the WC planning portal as the 15th December.  Will WC defer a decision and risk the applicant going to the Planning Inspectorate for 'Non determination', or will WC refuse it?  It will surely not be sent to a WC planning committee next year with a recomendation for permission?!

If the application is refused the applicant can appeal the refusal, or re-submit at a later date with updated studies on bats etc.

What will the decision be?  Surely, one of the two 'non-permission' options above.