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Thursday August 05, 2004 Hilperton Gap latest news.

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Your councillors finally get to see the plans.
After a wait of over a week I now have the plans for the Gap Road, as does the clerk to the parish council (Marylyn Timms work # 01225 852518). If anyone wishes to see them please get in touch. It is the intention of the parish council to put everything on display at the village hall as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the fun and games appear to have started already with Persimmon wanting to amend some of the maps submitted with the application. I haven't seen the changes yet so they could include the actual route it will take; who knows? If Persimmon are going to start trying to confuse everybody perhaps the WWDC planning department should tell them to withdraw the current application and come back when they know what they actually want.

Talking of WWDC you may be aware that the case officer Shaun Whitfield (who is a senior planning officer) is currently on holiday; what you probably don't know is that shortly after he gets back he leaves! Also, the head of planning is off to another authority soon and her replacement is yet to be found. Whilst I don't doubt the ability of the officers that are left, one must begin to question whether WWDC will have the depth of skill necessary to deal with an application of this consequence.

One piece of postive news, I have received two e-mails from different WWDC officers confirming that comments do not have to be in by the August deadline; anytime during September is okay.

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