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Saturday August 21, 2004 Local politicians - no wonder people snigger.

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First an attempt to sack the chairman, then silly e-mails.
Really, you can take your pick from any one of three stories. Which one makes us look daftest? The public feud between two councillors over whether they should communicate by post or e-mail? The attempt by an handful of councillors to de-stabilise the council by trying to sack the Chairman? The exchange of e-mails between councillors that were supposed to be private but were sent, by mistake, to all councillors?

Any one of these would be bad enough, but to have all three within weeks of one another is un-true. As an Independent I am used to attending council meetings and looking on, with some amusement, as the parties try to out-manoeuvre one another and score some symbolic points. I suppose that's what party politics is all about; a shame really.

I take the rather more sane view that, once elected, we are all at the council to serve the people of West Wiltshire. I think that it is a disgrace that my fellow councillors cannot concentrate their efforts on doing what they were elected to do, rather than massaging their ego to achieve some sort of self-satisfaction.

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