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Thursday September 02, 2004 New secondary school update - a bizarre tale!

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The County Council is in contact with the District Council.
Whilst the September cabinet meeting was in public session a couple of interesting comments were made; one by a county councillor and one by an officer (employee) of the district council.

The matter of a school site arose during debate on the new East of Trowbridge development brief and a WCC councillor stated that he understood that WCC required any new secondary school sites to be 'adjacent to a major or distributor road'. No real surprise there, I suppose. However, it then transpired that Wiltshire County Council has approached district council officers IN CONFIDENCE for their thoughts as to where a school could be situated.

Your elected representatives were to be kept 'out of the loop' for some reason. I find this approach disgusting - no wonder people tell me that they still believe that 'brown envelopes' float around during the planning process.

If you subscribe to conspiracy theories then, no doubt, the school will go into the Hilperton Gap next to a road that hasn't even got planning permission. Or will it be adjacent to the rumoured site for Trowbridge Rugby Club east of Hilperton? If the second site is favoured would that be a good reason to route the Hilperton Relief road that way as well?

I have arranged a meeting next week at the district council to find out exactly what is going on and will let you know.

Well, I had my meeting, and it was a complete and utter waste of time! No information was forthcoming as it is too sensitive. 'Open local government'; don't make me laugh. If we are lucky then the county council will 'consult interested parties' sometime in October, or will that drag into November, December, next year? All I suggest is that we don't hold our breath.

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