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Monday October 11, 2004 Mead school extension UPDATE 18 OCTOBER.

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A nice surprise for the Mead primary school.
As a governor at The Mead it had been frustrating trying to convince the powers-that-be at County Hall of just how short sighted their decision was not to build the whole of the school in 'one hit'. However, Wiltshire County Council has finally agree to allow the school to build the additional seven classrooms needed to complete the project.

A report to the council's 'cabinet', which met on Friday 15th October, recommended the project be brought forward from an unspecified time in the future to this financial year. This would allow the extension to be opened in time for the autumn 2005>
Total cost will be circa £1.3 million. When complete the six mobile classrooms currently on site will be released for use elsewhere.

Since its opening the Mead School has been hugely successful with nearly 400 pupils on roll. The planned maximum capacity is 420, being seven year groups of 60 children. Each 'year' will comprise two classes each of 30 pupils.

The meeting agreed the recommendation, and surveyors have been on site already. This is a tremendous victory for common sense and congratulations must go to Peter Smith (the Chairman of Governors) and all involved in this long campaign.