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Friday October 29, 2004 Paxcroft Mead shops - latest news.

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District Council loses patience.
As you may be aware Marshgate wish to add three shops to the Paxcroft Mead shopping area. The concept is good, and has the support of locals, the parish council, and you disrict councillors.

However, Marshgate are being rather 'slow' in handing over the community centre as they are required to do. Without going over the whole story again (you can use the search engine if you are that keen!) the planning committee is now telling the Planning Inspectorate that WWDC would permit construction, subject to a clause stating that the shops could not pass a certain stage of development unless the community centre was handed over to the community.

It will be interesting to see what response this will elicit from Marshgate; hopefully it will be something other than a refusal to take 'phone calls or answer solicitors' letters.