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Tuesday November 09, 2004 Why the big secret over the possible school site?

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As the council won't tell us, try these for size.
As neither WCC nor WWDC will admit to anything regarding the possible secondary school sites east of Trowbridge, I offer the following possibilities. WCC was going out for public consultation in October or November, so I recall. What's the betting it won't be until next year?

Option 1 is in the Hilperton Gap, but on the Hilperton side of the road (assuming that the road gets planning permission, of course). The Trowbridge side would be classed for recreational use (Trowbridge Rugby Club?) so that would, I feel, rule it out of the running for a school site.

Option 2 could be off the West Ashton Road where the extended Leapgate is planned to join.

Option 3, I believe, could be south of Hilperton Drive and east of Ashton Road. This would be close to The Mead, and be easily accessed by Semington residents.

Option 4? I must admit that I find it difficult to come up with another possible site - it couldn't be along the Semington turnpike, could it?

I must emphasise that these are pure speculation on my part; if the LEA wasn't so secretive and furtive we would all know by now though, wouldn't we?