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Sunday February 06, 2005 Hilperton Gap democracy.

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Interesting developments about the Gap road.
In an interesting development, it has transpired that the local BBC radio station was banned from recording the Hilperton Gap debate at the Civic Hall. Currently, no one is owning up to giving this instruction, but it seems to be yet another example of the rocky road that WWDC is taking regarding freedom of information. Rather than looking forward, it would seem that someone at WWDC seems intent on trying to drag the council back to the bad old days of the seventies.

I am still waiting for a reply from WWDC explaining why a Pegasus Planning document appears to have been used as the basis for a WWDC paper. I have been assured verbally that there is nothing to be concerned about, but that is not what members of the public think. Using answers prepared, and provided, by Persimmon’s agent is nothing short of a disgrace, and the more I am stalled about this, the more I think there is to investigate. Perhaps our MP might be able to get a response from the council?

Speaking of Andrew Murrison, I am informed that he is contacting the local government minister at Westminster to see if anything can be done to remove the ‘gags’ from local members. Apparently, it might be possible for the government to give dispensations to other excluded councillors and myself. This would, basically, indemnify us against any complaint being made against us to the Standards Board.