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Thursday February 10, 2005 New date for Gap Road decision?

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WWDC appear to have decided on a date just four weeks away.
The meeting on 28 January deferred a decision "for so long as is required to obtain a detailed report on the following points: 1)the viability of an alternative route 2)the impact of the emerging Regional Spatial Strategy and the potential de-allocation of housing sites in the Local Plan 3)to obtain counsel's advice on the options available to the Council".

Whilst 3) can be completed by the mooted date, I refuse to believe that either 2) or, more particularly 1), can be achieved in this timescale. In particular which alternative route is the planning department looking at?

For the public to have confidence in the WWDC planning department this issue MUST be dealt with in a proper and professional manner; to seemingly 'rush it through' would imply a wanton disregard for the public, in my opinion.