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Friday February 18, 2005 Full Council meets Wednesday 23 February.

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The 23 February meeting of the full council should be interesting.
I have lodged one question, and one notice of motion. The latter reads "This Council notes with great concern that in presenting a report to members, before a Planning Committee meeting, using material provided by the applicant's agents, this authority is vulnerable to criticism.

This Council requires Internal Overview Committee to:- 1 Investigate this instance and comment upon any reputational and/or procedural risks or damage identified; and 2 Investigate as to whether other similar instances have occurred and comment similarly; and 3 Inform Council of what steps have been taken to ensure that any risks/damage have been managed and that any mistakes or poor procedures identified cannot occur again."

This relates to something that happened during the run-up to the Hilperton Relief road meeting and definitely needs looking into.

My question is also planning related, and queries how a 'refusal letter' can be sent to an applicant without giving all the reasons agreed by the planning committee. By coincidence, Persimmon is the applicant that has benefited from the council error.

Another Notice of Motion backs my minority view, as a member of the cabinet, regarding the granting of a lease to a charity called the Hope Nature Centre. It is a long story but will raise interesting issues about how much power the cabinet has at the council and, also, why the Lib Dem group don't want to form a broad cross-party cabinet. They seem happy to stand on the outside, as 'the opposition', and moan that they don't have any real say in setting council policy!